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1993 Establishment of ATI in Fort Lee NJ (U.S)
1995 Moved headquarters to Englewood Cliffs NJ (U.S)
1998 Contracted to work with SUNIN Technology together as a corporation
1999 distribution into the warehouse located in the U.S and Korea (PMC/PLX/Dialight and so on)
2000 Contracted to be a subsidiary partner for Hyundai electronics
2004 Established an R&D Center in Englewood Cliffs NJ (U.S)
Contracted with GE (General Electric) corporation as an R&D Partner
Contracted with GE for an exploitation project diagnosing an embedded system
Contracted to distribute AutoTelenet, Telematics and MiniPC and America
Made an alliance for research with the Electrical engineering department at Korea University.
Contracted with GS Magic as a business partner
2005 Established Novars Technology Korea ( in Gunpo, Kyoung Gi Province) as a sister company
Established Novars Technology China (in Shenzhen)
Released a new product: NBox (USB interface micro HDD)
2006 Became member of the A-Data association in Korea
2007 Received TOP sales award in Asia from A-Data
2010 Contracted with GM Solar as business partners
Recently opened a new Solar Technology branch