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CEO Message


Dear Customers, Investors and Supporters,

Thank for all the help you gave us on building out business stronger.

America Techma,Inc was launched in 1993, New Jersey of U.S, and we have managed more than 10 years with focusing on our global network and ATI(America Techma Inc.) which has know-how accumulated as a electronic component company skillfully.

In addition, we established ‘Global Biz Network’ in Kyoung Gi Province, Korea and Shenzen, China. Basing on it, we are continuously reinforcing to make our partner and still seeking newer technology and goods.

From now on, we will do our best constantly to be leading company in the future to keep pace with the ‘Ubiquitous’.
We’ll also do that to materialize human technology based on the our mottoes

Yours Very Truly
C E O Chris s. Yu